Ceramics by local artist Tom Cockram
Ceramics by local artist Tom Cockram Sep. 2018

Shino and Celadon glazes enhance the fine craftsmanship in our newly arrived teapots, faceted bowls and a range of other ornamental and functional gift items.

Alison Gebert Pit Fired Pottery
Alison Gebert Pit Fired Pottery Jul. 2018

Pottery by Alison Gebert from her latest pit-firing has just been delivered to the gallery. They include a range of pots, urns and vase shapes. With their distinctive textures and unique subtle colourings, your detailed inspection will delight.

BOX and TWIST & POP specialty cards
BOX and TWIST & POP specialty cards Jun. 2018

A gorgeous selection of beautifully handcrafted special cards is now in the gallery. They include both blank and with greetings, for any occasion.

Woollen Textiles
Woollen Textiles May. 2018

Newly arrived in time for winter… a range of textiles handcrafted by talented artisans from the Geelong Hand Weavers and Spinners Guild.

Lava Pottery
Lava Pottery Apr. 2018

A new range of pottery called “Lava” is on show from a well-known potter located in the Otway Ranges. She makes all of her own glazes and, using an historic kiln of some significance, is creating unique works with an amazingly tactile aesthetic.

Hall Table
Hall Table Mar. 2018

Crafted from unique ancient timbers by a local artist, each table has a story to tell… Rescued rare timbers have been repurposed with loving care to feature their inherent beauty and to become a gorgeous enhancement to any home.

Toucans Feb. 2018

We have a recent delivery of some delightful little Toucan sculptures (and their friends…)

Fine Sculptural Works
Fine Sculptural Works Jan. 2018

We are currently privileged to present some truly fine sculptural pieces honed from marble, brass, local natural stone, porcelain, glass, metal and ceramics. Our regularly changing exhibitions of paintings, photography and other visual arts will intrigue and inspire, and include decorative works through to collectable investment pieces.

Whats on Dec 2017
Whats on Dec 2017 Dec. 2017

Our stunning new Arts Space at 101 Ryrie Street is a gallery dedicated to showcasing amazing art works created by the talented artisans of Geelong and its regions. Situated centrally in the Arts and Culture precinct of Geelong’s CBD, amidst the coffee shops and new laneway developments, at 101 Ryrie Arts, you can view a remarkable range of uniquely handcrafted works; from gorgeous, intricately designed silver jewellery to exquisitely photo printed pure silk scarves and the friendliest, lively Raku stoneware dogs who will win your heart!